ZTE 5G Advances: How Innovation Secured Victory at the GLOMO Awards

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4 min readNov 10, 2023

Securing the 2023 GLOMO Award for its pioneering work, ZTE has propelled Guangzhou’s metro system into the future with a groundbreaking 5G partnership. This landmark initiative showcases ZTE 5G’s potential to revolutionize urban infrastructure with cutting-edge intelligence.

The Advent of the 5G-empowered Smart Metro

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In 2020, Guangzhou launched an ambitious initiative to bring its metro into the 5G era to better serve the city’s over 20 million residents. As a key partner, ZTE provided pivotal 5G capabilities that enhanced the metro system’s automation, efficiency, safety and rider experience.

One breakthrough innovation was 5G network slicing, which empowered dynamic bandwidth allocation customized to real-time demands. This ensured passengers could enjoy consistent ultrafast 5G even during rush hour crowds or aboard speeding trains. ZTE guaranteed each metro line had optimized 5G performance, with features like 750Mbps uplink rates and low latency handovers up to 160km/h on high-speed rail segments.

Another crucial capability was a multi-layer computing framework to enable seamless data integration across the complex transit environment. By linking trains, stations, sensors and control networks, ZTE’s architecture provided integrated situational awareness and intelligent automation.

Within just two years, ZTE 5G solutions enabled cutting-edge applications such as smart metro stations, high-definition in-tunnel monitoring, and train-to-ground communications. The project provided a blueprint for how 5G can transform mobility infrastructure to serve bustling urban populations better.

ZTE Key Innovations and Benefits

The Guangzhou metro integration underscored ZTE’s leadership in 5G technical capabilities. Innovations in dynamic network slicing guaranteed consistent, uninterrupted 5G connectivity even in crowded stations and aboard speeding trains. Boosting uplink rates up to 750Mbps enabled new mobile apps for metro riders and operations teams. Despite train speeds topping 160km/h, ZTE’s optimization techniques maintained continuous high-speed 5G service.

The multi-layer computing framework was pivotal in interconnecting the complex metro settings. By supporting real-time data flows across trains, tracks, platforms and control networks, ZTE’s architecture drove system-wide intelligence and automation. Efficient data integration enhanced situational awareness, powering innovations from AI-assisted dispatch to proactive maintenance analytics.

Within just two years of the metro’s 5G launch, ZTE’s solutions drove measurable benefits — from automated operations, to boosted capacity and shorter passenger queues. Riders enjoyed perks ranging from entertainment apps to speedier security screening. By helping transform the Guangzhou metro into a smarter mobility catalyst, ZTE 5G demonstrated its power to modernize key infrastructure.

About ZTE and Its Vision of Connecting the World through 5G Innovation

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Since emerging in the technology epicenter of Shenzhen in the 1990s, ZTE has steadily built expertise in telecom infrastructure, becoming a pioneering force in 5G development. While founded in China, ZTE’s ambitions extend far beyond its national origins. Today, ZTE actively partners with over 500 operators across 160 countries, providing customized 5G solutions tailored to local needs.

From its Shenzhen R&D headquarters, where high-tech startups abound, ZTE coordinates a global expansion strategy for its 5G portfolio. The company moves nimbly to adapt its core 5G technologies like MIMO antennas, edge computing and network slicing for diverse deployment scenarios worldwide. For example, in rural regions with sparse user density, ZTE configures cost-effective 5G networks with remote radio heads to optimize coverage. It provides ultra-robust 5G infrastructure in congested cities with self-organizing networks to maximize capacity.

A core part of ZTE’s vision is championing interactive 5G ecosystems that reveal real-world possibilities. ZTE collaborated with partners in Guangzhou to launch China’s first 5G-powered metro system, providing a powerful proof of concept. Cutting-edge use cases included 5G-enabled UHD security cameras with AI analytics to enhance public safety, and 5G-powered AR navigation apps that delivered immersive passenger experiences. Beyond public transit, ZTE plans 5G innovation centers focused on industries like healthcare, education, utilities and more.

ZTE also allies with telcos and governments globally to extend 5G’s reach. It helped deploy the first 5G trials in key emerging markets like Brazil, Turkey, Indonesia and the Philippines, tailoring solutions to local terrain, population density and spectrum availability. In Bangladesh, ZTE’s partnership with Banglalink established the country’s first 5G pilot network, a milestone bringing next-gen connectivity to previously underserved communities. By co-creating locally relevant 5G solutions, ZTE makes 5G’s potential more inclusive.

Relentless innovation underpins ZTE’s 5G leadership. With over 30,000 R&D professionals and 10% of revenue invested in innovation, ZTE has grown into China’s second-largest 5G patent holder. The company has defined over 100 5G industry standards and pioneered key technologies like Massive MIMO. ZTE’s expertise helps it navigate complex challenges like millimeter wave deployment establishing viable 5G coverage across diverse settings.

At its core, ZTE believes 5G can elevate human progress. The company aims to empower societies worldwide to capitalize on 5G’s profound potential to accelerate digitization. ZTE’s 5G solutions help partners upgrade communications, healthcare access, environmental monitoring, industrial efficiency, and more. True to its name (Zhongxing Telecommunications Equipment), ZTE pursues purposeful innovation to advance global connectivity.


As a trailblazer in 5G technology, ZTE’s commitment transcends commercial success, focusing deeply on societal advancement. With its footprint in over 160 countries, ZTE is dedicated to diminishing the global digital divide and harnessing the full potential of ZTE 5G for communities worldwide. Leveraging years of leadership in telecommunications, ZTE is poised to equip international partners with the tools to create more intelligent, equitable, and environmentally conscious digital landscapes. While the narrative of the future is ongoing, ZTE’s steadfast innovation indicates that the most transformative days of 5G technology are yet to come.



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