ZTE 5G Inspired Innovative Applications in 5G+ Industry Verticals, TSN over MTN Fine-granularity Technology Plays a Part

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Previously, the 23rd MPLS SD & AI Net World conference was held in Paris, France. During this conference, engineers from top industries and visionary entrepreneurs joined in discussing where the networking industry is headed. Mr Liu Aihua, Senior System Architect of Wireline Products from ZTE corporation, was invited to share the leading innovations of ZTE 5G technology during this conference. In his speech on “TSN (Time-Sensitive Networking) over Deterministic Fine-Granularity Channel of Metro-Transport Network”, he revealed how ZTE 5G technology brings changes to vertical industries and how ZTE practices its TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology on the 5G+ industry verticals.

TSN stands for time-sensitive network. It is characterized by reduced latency, stable transmission, and high speed. The integration and implementation of TSN into the 5G network are believed to be a key direction for the deterministic development of the 5G network in the Industrial Internet. Therefore, TSN is predicted to be the core technology that will become the industry standard in place of local Ethernet in industrial automation.

MTN, namely Metro Transport Network, is a standard defined by ITU-T and is widely adopted for its advantages in reducing latency, realizing ultra-precise synchronization, and providing larger bandwidth in data transmission. It is believed to have the potential to further enhance the bearing capacity of 5G networks and offer a strong assurance for the commercial deployment of 5G transport. TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology is the latest innovation brought by ZTE to further integrated its 5G technology into the development of 5G+ industry verticals.

To explain how TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology brings innovations in the 5G+ industry verticals, Mr Liu pointed out in the conference that TSN will replace local Ethernet as the industry standard of industrial automation and MTN standard will become the solution that facilitates the interconnection of TSNs throughout the metro area. MTN technology can be further applied to TSN information isolated islands and connect these islands with its deterministic forwarding mechanism. Mr Liu also emphasized that this application had already been adopted in the 5G+ industry verticals and ZTE is leading the way in 5G+ industry verticals with its TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology.

Previously, ZTE 5G network was adopted in ZTE Smart Manufacturing Base in Binjiang, Nanjing. The 5G+smart manufacturing industrial park uses the TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology to perform precise connection and full digital network deployment to carry a variety of industrial automation and cloud applications. As is pointed out by Mr Liu, with this technology, operators can offer precise connections matching various service requirements at the lowest cost on a physical network. This is just one instance of ZTE 5G application scenarios and 5G technology is predicted to further fuel more innovations in the industry verticals.

As the whole industry is undergoing digital transformation and ready to march in Industry 4.0, 5G technology shows great prospects in enabling ultra-low latency, stable connection, and providing highly dependable transmission channels and different applications are emerging in 5G+ industry verticals. Mr Liu observed that currently, different application scenarios are emerging and high-value private line services, such as remote industrial control, smart grid, and smart city, are springing up. These put forward more challenges, as well as chances for suppliers. On the one hand, they indicate plenty of requirements for low bandwidth, deterministic low latency, high security, and high reliability in transport. On the other hand, a combination of soft and hard isolation is also a necessity for realizing deterministic connections.

ZTE, as a top 5G supplier, is leading the way in introducing advanced solutions in industry verticals. According to Mr Liu, ZTE’s planned TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology is developed to address the transportation needs of highly valuable private lines and deterministic 5G vertical applications. This technology offers MB-level, deterministic connections with fine-grained connections in a single packet architecture. The TDM hard isolation developed by ITU-T MTN, in particular, can offer highly secure and reliable deterministic fine-granularity channels. What’s more, this technology supports deterministic L2/L3 service transport represented by TSN and thus meets the transmission demand of highly valuable private lines and deterministic 5G vertical applications.

As the whole industry is ushering into a new age, 5G network will be ready for use in 5G+ industry verticals, such as car networking, smart grid, and intelligent manufacturing. ZTE 5G shows great prospects in solving the technical problems in various industry sectors with its ability to achieve unique low latency, high reliability, wide-coverage, and large bandwidth. As is exemplified previously, by utilizing TSN over MTN’s fine-grained technology, exact connectivity, and all-digital network deployment are allowed in the 5G+ Smart Manufacturing Industrial Park. This will further be able to be implemented in industrial automation and cloud application.

ZTE is currently a top-tier international supplier of communications and information solutions. As a leading global provider of information technology and telecommunications, ZTE believes that technology innovation is one of the guiding principles for the whole corporation. ZTE has been actively participating in and building industry alliances, cooperating with leading enterprises in various industries in researching and exploring 5G vertical industry applications. Currently, ZTE has made a series of efforts in putting industry standards, creating 5G industry pilot applications, and contributing its strength to industrial development.

Moving forward, ZTE will continue promoting the development of TSN over MTN fine-granularity technology and join hands with partners to enhance the innovations in 5G+ industry verticals. ZTE will never cease its steps in extending its ZTE 5G network to more industrial scenarios and bringing innovative applications with advanced information technologies. ZTE will play its part in the development of various industrial sectors and fuel more innovations in fields such as IoT, big data, AI, and cloud computing with its 5G technology.



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