ZTE 5G Messaging Prospects In Connecting People, Things, And Enterprises With Interactive Modes

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4 min readApr 25, 2023


Previously, ZTE, one of the world’s top supplier of 5G telecommunication services, shared its insight on further accelerating the application of 5G Messaging and how ZTE 5G Messaging solutions would play a part in the construction of an interconnected world. According to ZTE, it will collaborate with top industry operators in constructing a 5G Messaging ecosystem that connects individual end users, businesses, and enterprises.

Differentiated from 3G/4G/WIFI, 5G Messaging is set on the standard of GSMA RCS UP and MaaP technology, thus building a new portal that allows the transmission of multimedia messages and business messaging. It has the potential to enable the interconnection among businesses, governments, individuals, and industries under the 5G network, thus building an ecosystem of 5G communication.

5G Messaging is an innovative mode of traditional messaging. According to ZTE, 5G Messaging is the advanced development of traditional SMS (Short Message Service). In the past, SMS and texting are invariably regarded as two interchangeable terms in that SMS is the surface mainly for transferring characters. 4G and 5G have enriched the communication methods with their larger capacity, allowing for the transmission of larger files like voice, images, and even videos. Now, ZTE 5G Messaging is under the spotlight, ready to revolutionize SMS services.

5G Messaging is more than a new mode of information communication. It can be described as a gateway for distributing information and services. For individual users, they can send text messages, audios, HD images, or videos through this channel. Simultaneously, enterprises and governments can distribute information to touch their target customers. This service is expected to be further extensively applied in various scenarios, covering major industry sectors, businesses and governments, and private users.

ZTE has stressed the difference between its 5G Messaging and chatting apps. They represent two distinct information service and is distinguished from each other in diverse aspects. For example, data transmission in 5G Messaging is based on a 5G cellular network and user communications are connected through phone numbers, which means users could reach each other with their phone numbers and they have no need to add friends or download apps. While chatting apps are developed majorly for enabling communications among individual users, 5G Messaging is expected to embrace a wider range of applications.

Enterprises and governments can take advantage of 5G Messaging and enjoy Rich Communication Services(RCS) business messaging. Previously, business messages may be limited to a single form, text messages. In terms of transmitting information, it is efficient. But it is hard for enterprises to collect feedback and is becoming less attractive in modern society. ZTE 5G Messaging features the capability for realizing multimedia information, thus building a multimodal information system. It bridges the gap between customers and enterprises and governments with a channel that realizes the interaction between the two sides. On the one hand, users could access information with their terminal devices. On the other hand, businesses could deliver commercial information to target audiences and governments could extend public services to their subscribers.

5G Messaging is also related to aspects of individual life. As mentioned before, it established a platform that holds various services, such as making hotel reservations, booking flights, and placing takeout orders. Users can find and select the services they require using the chatbot directory on the messaging window. They no longer have to download various apps and set up accounts to access their services. Therefore, these new interactive modes of messaging are able to simplify communication services, providing a one-stop experience for individual users. For businesses, such a platform streamlined their services, thus helping to reduce costs and improve productivity. With this interactive mode of messaging, ZTE 5G solutions make individual life more convenient and direct businesses to touch their customer in more efficient ways.

As for application in industries, ZTE has also joined hands with leading operators in relevant industries to further extend the application of its 5G Messaging to industry verticals. To boost the digital transformation of the whole industry, ZTE created the first industry 5G Messaging Openlab, providing a cutting-edge experimental platform for program incubation. It also provides a platform for industry chain partners like terminal manufacturers, CSPs, and outside industry clients to achieve end-to-end verification.

As the global leader in the 5G industry, ZTE has shouldered the responsibility of contributing to the growth of the 5G Messaging platform and establishing a 5G ecosystem. Early in 2020, ZTE jointly launched the world’s first 5G Messaging Platform. T What’s more, ZTE’s 5G Messaging Openlab has worked with over 70 Chatbot Service Providers(CSPs) to incubate the birth of more than 200 chatbots of 5G messaging, covering areas like finance, government affairs, tourism, e-commerce, smart home, and smart manufacturing.

5G network is the latest generation of mobile networks and is endowed with the mission of building an invisible net that connects everything, from people, and things to enterprises. Over the past decades, the world has already witnessed how innovations in mobile communications transformed various industries and aspects of societies. 5G networking is boosting innovations in various industries and accelerating the digital transformation of diverse fields. Now, ZTE is leading the whole globe into a new era with its 5G Messaging.

Recognized as one of the leading suppliers of 5G services, ZTE is always devoted to establishing an interconnected world with its 5G technology. Currently, ZTE 5G new services and solutions have been adopted in vertical industries and create value for various businesses. Looking forward, ZTE will continue to work with operators and industry partners in bringing about an ecology where things, people, and enterprises are connected under the 5G network.



ZTE Corporation 5G Information

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