ZTE 5G Standalone Milestone: 700MHz with 1400MHz Aggregation

ZTE Corporation 5G Information
3 min readJun 23, 2022


Recently, ZTE 5G's new achievement has attracted public attention. Qualcomm Technologies, Three Austria, and ZTE Corporation jointly announced a 5G network demonstration employing a standalone (SA) coverage layer based on 700MHz (n28) and 1400MHz (n75) bands successfully completed.


ZTE is one of the most successful providers of integrated communications and information solutions in the world. This company was established in 1985. Users and Consumers in more than 160 countries and regions are able to take advantage of the full range of communication options made available by ZTE, including voice, data, multimedia, and wireless broadband. This is made possible by ZTE’s provision of cutting-edge technology and product solutions to telecom operators, as well as to enterprise customers. Currently, ZTE is keep innovating in 5G area.

According to ZTE, 5G commercial services in Europe are predominantly running in the 3500MHz (n78) TDD band, employing the non-standalone (NSA) mode of the 5G standard to meet rising performance and capacity requirements in densely populated metropolitan areas.

TDD n78 bands have larger operating bandwidths (between 40MHz and 100MHz depending on carriers’ licensed spectrum capabilities), allowing for higher speeds and network capacity, according to the Chinese vendor. The next step in 5G evolution, according to the Chinese vendor, is to move to standalone mode using the new 5G core architecture, which will power enhanced consumer experiences and allow for industry growth in areas like Industrial IoT and cloud services.

Cities now have more frequencies and enable more capacity owing to a larger number of network masts and more widespread usage of the 3500GHz (n78) frequency, according to ZTE. Legacy technology FDD bands of 3G and 4G/LTE, such as 800MHz (n28), 2100MHz (n1), 1800MHz (n3), and 2600MHz (n7), with bandwidths ranging from 5MHz to 20MHz, are being re-farmed into 5G bands as 5G rollouts advance.

ZTE Cooperation 5G

ZTE 5G experts point out that the experiment, which was carried out in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and Three Austria, is expected to assist expedite 5G deployment in suburban and rural regions by improving downlink speeds and coverage for users.

“We’re happy to be a significant contributor to this demonstration since it is a vital milestone in the advancement of 5G,” said Enrico Salvatori, senior vice president, Qualcomm Europe and president, Qualcomm Europe/MEA. This is a huge step forward in the next level of 5G commercialization and general 5G adoption as we approach closer to 5G standalone. This milestone will propel the ecosystem toward 5G, bringing more of the exciting advantages of 5G to people and companies across Europe and making 5G an even more viable offer for mobile network operators (MNOs) in rural regions.”

“We are really delighted, as the test of 700 MHz and SDL band at 1400 MHz is a bright promise to ensure the smooth development, improve the eco-system, and increase user experience of 5G network,” said Christian Woschitz, President of ZTE Central and Eastern Europe. For both operators and sellers, the approach opens up new revenue opportunities.”

“In 2020 we have acquired 5G spectrum in several frequency bands. The new SDL band at 1400 MHz, in particular, has the potential to significantly improve the downlink experience. The first global implementation and successful testing of this band in collaboration with Qualcomm Technologies and ZTE is a significant step toward commercializing the full 5G potential and bringing high-quality broadband coverage to even the most remote rural areas,” said Matthias Baldermann, Three Austria’s CTO.

ZTE currently provides services to more than a quarter of the world’s population and is committed to fostering connectivity and trust across the board in order to create a brighter future. ZTE will continue to attach importance to 5G innovation and development, to make more people enjoy the convenience brought by 5G.



ZTE Corporation 5G Information

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