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ZTE Corporation 5G Information
5 min readNov 17, 2023

Discover how ZTE Corporation, a leading technological innovator, is revolutionizing the concept of smart cities through its commitment to cutting-edge solutions. As a renowned provider of security solutions, ZTE goes beyond and embraces the potential of IoT technologies to create seamless and efficient urban environments. Dive into this article to explore ZTE Corporation’s groundbreaking IoT solutions designed specifically for smart cities, and learn how they are shaping the future of urban living.

The Need for Smart City Solutions

The rapid pace of urbanization presents numerous challenges that demand more innovative solutions. With populations in cities rising at unprecedented rates, it causes traditional infrastructure to struggle to keep pace with heightening demands. This surge exerts immense pressure on resources, transportation systems, and energy grids. Environmental concerns loom large, with cities contributing a substantial share of global carbon emissions.

Enter IoT solutions, the game-changer in urban development. These interconnected technologies offer a dynamic approach to tackling the challenges of modern cities. By embedding sensors and communication devices into urban infrastructure, IoT enables real-time data collection and analysis. That empowers city planners and administrators with invaluable insights into the city’s functioning.

For instance, IoT facilitates efficient traffic management in transportation, reducing congestion and emissions. Smart grids optimize energy distribution, promoting sustainability. Waste management becomes more streamlined and effective with sensors monitoring bin capacity and scheduling pickups based on need. Moreover, public services like healthcare and emergency response can become more streamlined through IoT-powered systems.

IoT solutions enhance resource allocation through data-driven decision-making. They help to minimize waste and improve overall quality of life. Moreover, they foster resilience, making cities better equipped to handle emergencies and adapt to changing circumstances. Still, IoT offers a transformative pathway toward building smarter, more sustainable cities that can thrive in rapid urbanization and environmental challenges.

ZTE’s New IoT Offerings

ZTE’s end-to-end*IoT infrastructure solution

ZTE Corporation offers comprehensive IoT solutions encompassing chips, radio networks, cloud platforms, and related technologies and services. The company has devised a three-fold IoT strategy, focusing on chipsets, network, and cloud. ZTE’s substantial investments have focused on research in the layers below the application: sensor, network, and platform.

In the realm of chipsets, ZTE unveiled the RoseFinch7100 in September 2017, marking China’s self-developed NB-IoT chip. ZTE is also actively researching 5G terminal chips to meet complex IoT applications’ demanding ultra-high rate and ultra-low latency requirements. Additionally, ZTE has introduced two NB-IoT modules-ZM8300 and ZM8301- to propel the development of the LPWA IoT industry.

ZTE security offers operators cost-effective and comprehensive IoT network deployment solutions in the domain of networks. For NB-IoT and eMTC, ZTE can swiftly implement low-speed IoT services using operators’ existing LTE networks through software upgrades. That results in substantial time and cost savings.

The cloud component involves a cloudified platform, with ZTE commencing R&D on the next-generation IoT platform in early 2017. This advanced platform encompasses a device management platform (DMP), connectivity management platform (CMP), and operation and maintenance portal (OMP), with the application enablement platform (AEP) at its core. Utilizing a PaaS virtualized architecture, the new-generation IoT platform allows the implementation of various capabilities as scalable microservices accessible to service applications and developers through APIs. This versatile platform finds application across diverse professional domains and ensures carrier-class connectivity for IoT terminals.

With a decade-long track record in IoT, ZTE Corporation has actively propelled IoT development from pioneering NB-IoT verification with China Mobile in 2016 to completing end-to-end function verification with MTN in South Africa in May 2017. It showcased a live demo of its smart parking service in partnership with Telenet in October 2017. It consistently demonstrated its technical prowess, especially in the context of future 5G IoT applications.

Integration with Existing Infrastructure

ZTE’s IoT solutions integrate with existing urban infrastructure, ensuring a smooth transition into smarter, more efficient cities. ZTE seeks to enhance the functionality of current systems by leveraging its comprehensive three-pronged strategy of chipset, network, and cloud.

ZTE’s self-developed NB-IoT chips, such as the RoseFinch7100, seamlessly integrate into various devices and sensors within the urban landscape. These chips provide a foundation for collecting and transmitting data, enabling real-time monitoring and analysis.

ZTE’s network solutions also have more compatible designs. By implementing software upgrades, ZTE can quickly adapt existing LTE networks to support low-speed IoT services like NB-IoT and eMTC. This approach minimizes the need for costly overhauls while maximizing the potential of current infrastructure.

The cloud platform further facilitates integration through its flexible architecture. ZTE’s next-generation IoT platform, comprising modules like device and connectivity management platforms, can interface with various existing systems. This adaptability allows incorporating ZTE’s IoT solutions into diverse professional fields, ensuring that urban environments can seamlessly adopt these technologies without disruption.

Future Outlook

ZTE security envisions a future where IoT solutions are pivotal in transforming cities into vibrant, sustainable, and efficiently managed urban hubs. By seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technologies into existing infrastructure, ZTE’s vision promises numerous benefits for urban life.

First and foremost, the implementation of ZTE’s IoT solutions holds the potential to elevate the quality of urban life significantly. Cities can optimize transportation, healthcare, and public safety through real-time data collection and analysis. That reduces congestion, faster emergency response times, and improves livability. Residents expect smoother commutes, enhanced access to essential services, and a more connected urban experience.

Moreover, ZTE’s solutions are poised to drive sustainability on multiple fronts. With intelligent resource management, cities can optimize energy consumption, reduce waste, and lower carbon emissions. Smart grids and efficient waste management systems will be instrumental in achieving these goals. Integrating IoT technologies in public spaces can also foster eco-friendly practices, such as smart lighting and water conservation measures.

Regarding city management, ZTE’s IoT solutions provide a powerful toolkit for administrators. The wealth of data generated enables informed decision-making, allowing for proactive responses to various challenges. That includes more efficient allocation of resources, streamlined emergency management, and improved urban planning. The result is a city that is more responsive to its residents’ needs and more resilient in the face of unforeseen events.


In conclusion, ZTE Corporation’s unwavering commitment to innovation and its introduction of cutting-edge IoT solutions mark a pivotal milestone in the advancement of Smart Cities. With a strategic focus on chipsets, networks, and cloud technologies, ZTE Corporation effectively tackles the complexities brought about by rapid urbanization, elevating the performance and capabilities of existing systems. Through its groundbreaking efforts, ZTE Corporation continues to drive urban development to new heights, shaping the future of Smart Cities worldwide.



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