ZTE Empowers Autonomous Vehicles with 5G Technology at ITS World Congress

ZTE Corporation 5G Information
4 min readJan 19, 2024

ZTE recently announced its collaboration with Tianyi Transportation during the 29th ITS World Congress. The companies plan to team up to innovate and enhance autonomous vehicles and driving experiences. ZTE will use its reliable and revolutionary 5G technology to support and innovate Tianyi Transportation’s autonomous driving endeavors. ZTE 5G technology is set to be a game-changer in the smart transportation industry.

ZTE 5G Revolutionizes Autonomous Vehicle Technology

With a growing population, particularly in urban areas, traffic challenges are escalating. Companies and city governments must come up with innovative solutions to help reduce the flow of traffic and make public transportation safer for everyone.

With advancements in technology for autonomous smart vehicles and intelligent roadways, there is plenty of potential for creative solutions. For these solutions to be successful, there must be a robust network to integrate the entire system. Communication and compatibility between vehicles and roadways are essential for safety and efficiency.

ZTE 5G technology offers high-speed, reliable connections, making it the perfect bridge between intelligent roadways and autonomous vehicles. 5G has lightning-fast speeds, ensuring that the cloud is always current and information is accurate. ZTE’s reliability ensures that there is less downtime and everything continues to flow properly.

Cutting-edge Infrastructure for a New Era of Mobility

ZTE is currently working with Tianyi Transportation to revolutionize the autonomous travel experience. The two have collaborated to build 162km of graded roads. 51km of the constructed roads include holographic designed for Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integration autonomous driving. It is located in Suzhou High-speed Railway New Town. As China’s longest I4 road and only 5G roadway network, the road allows for L4 autonomous driving services and L2 vehicles.

This innovative roadway allows for a variety of autonomous transportation and maintenance experiences, including taxis, buses, cleaning vehicles, service vehicles, and more. ZTE’s Intelligent Vehicle System and Vehicle-Road-Cloud Integration make all of these features possible and more.

ZTE’s 5G solutions integrate with Tianyi Transportation’s cloud control platform, which reduces traffic and makes transportation safer through collaborative cloud scheduling. Along this roadway, traffic can be monitored, and adjustments can be made. Other potential features include green-wave traffic adjustments, backtracking, collaboration, and more.

Elevating Public Travel Experience with ZTE 5G+ System

There are many solutions to help with challenges to public travel, including autonomous cars, smart roadways, and smart service vehicles. These innovations make travel safer and more efficient. However, these ideas do not work without a solid network to keep everything running smoothly. There must be a solid foundation so that all of the moving parts can work properly.

ZTE’s 5G+ network offers the capability and high speeds required to run an entire public transport ecosystem. Since signing a strategic collaboration agreement in June 2023, ZTE and Tianyi Transportation have built a networked roadway that interacts with intelligent vehicles. Their plans do not stop there. The companies intend to continue their collaboration and revolutionize public transportation. They plan to continue the construction of roadways that use the 5G+ network and Vehicle-Road-Cloud integration solution to communicate between smart vehicles and roads.

ZTE and Tianyi Transportation also plan to extend these technologies to other forms of roads like expressways and urban roads with lower speed limits, like those running through city centers. These roads often experience high traffic and will significantly benefit from intelligent communication between roads and vehicles. They also plan to expand the network to faster autonomous vehicles and hope to roll out the technology in other cities. The companies will work on further developing collaboration between cells so that the traffic flow can be even more efficient. They hope to lead the system to no downtime and no fluctuations in service.

ZTE 5G: High-Performance and Reliable Connectivity

The success of a connected road and vehicle system hinges on the network’s capabilities. High-speed and reliable connectivity are pivotal. The ZTE network is well-equipped to handle the Vehicle-Road-Cloud integration and see it into future innovations. 5G+ offers several features that provide the best experience on connected roadways.

Low latency is essential to ensuring the transportation system’s information is current. ZTE currently boasts less than 20ms latency, which allows data to travel quickly from one connected entity to another. Another critical feature is reliability. ZTE’s reliability rate is 99.99%, making it a dependable network for the diverse needs of a connected transportation system. ZTE’s low latency and high reliability make it highly capable of connecting autonomous driving at up to 60km/hr.

ZTE is taking steps to make it even more capable. The company recently installed NodeEngine computing power boards on its 5G base stations. These boards make Tianyi’s edge cloud control platform possible. The network can handle multiple systems running simultaneously and can keep up as the program expands.

ZTE plans to continue the development with a 5G ISAC (Integrated Sensing and Communication) system that will be added to ultra-reliable networks. The goal is to create an infrastructure that is even more connected, enhancing the system’s ability to sense and communicate changes in real-time. These capabilities will allow for an intuitive design that can keep up with dynamic traffic patterns and challenges. ZTE’s innovative technology makes it possible for cities to keep up with growing populations, increased traffic, and the need for safety and efficiency on the roadways


ZTE 5G technology is playing a pivotal role in developing smart transportation and using autonomous vehicles. The company provides a fast, reliable network that will serve as the foundation for modern smart cities. ZTE’s 5G network meets these needs and is poised to expand as innovations and advancements are made in the future. ZTE’s developments will continue to shape the future of urban transportation.



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